Tasty Behaviorism

This is the course material for my learning classes at the university of Mississippi. it lives here because the big wide web is easier to contend with than the university servers, blackboard, it managers, and other things that go bump in the night. WE will still use blackboard for some things--like grades, announcements, mass emails--but a lot of things will be available right here.

look around. you will find all the readings for the course, the syllabus, and other useful, interesting, and semi-random stuff.  New Home!

welcome to my tasty behaviorism site



Student: Mmmmm...this behaviorism tastes mighty FINE. I always thought it was dry as a skinless chicken breast. what’s in it?

Prof Wilson: it’s my own special blend of super-pragmatism AND empiricism, with just a dash of INTEREST IN human liberation--that’s what gives it the extra zing!